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Can Arkansas be the vegan state?

Life choices are not always a win win.

Vegan/plant-based eating is definitely a win for this planet we all share. It’s a win for the animals and a win for our health. So much has changed regarding the perception of plant-based eaters. We aren’t the weak, frail beings society once thought we were. Top in their class, vegan athletes are coming out everyday! Veganism has become normal, and a hot topic of conversation. Just about every eating establishment offers vegan options and these choices are growing everyday. Recently, a major bar food restaurant chain TGI Friday’s introduced the Beyond Meat Burger in their almost 500 locations across the nation. Now they’re actively promoting Meat Free Mondays.

Let that sink in for a moment.

A major restaurant chain, heavy on advertising meat and dairy entrees is now promoting a movement created by the animal welfare community and plant based options.

Yes, the times are changing and we can only hope for a more humane future and less suffering for all. Many of us who have fought for this in the past scarcely imagined it would come true. The light at the end of the tunnel seems closer now.

This is because of you. The kind people who make healthy, humane, and compassionate choices. Yes, we can vote for the person who we think will make the most change, but we can also vote with our plates and let others know the future we want to see.

Central Arkansas Vegan is dedicated to being the change we want to see, and helping you make a better tomorrow.

Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place and insure a better tomorrow. Yes! Arkansas can be the Vegan state because of you!

Be well


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