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Cooking with Plants

Welcome to Cooking with Plants, led by Chef Alicia Watson! Dive into the world of vibrant, plant-based cuisine through our virtual and in-person classes. Our culinary journey focuses on creating delicious and nutritious meals that contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable environment. Whether you're an experienced chef or a novice in the kitchen, join our community to explore the art of plant-based cooking. Discover diverse recipes, cooking tips, and the joy of preparing meals that nourish both you and the planet. Start your flavorful adventure with Cooking with Plants!

VeggieVibe Cook-Off Challenge: A Live Virtual Cooking Competition Are you ready for a fun and exciting culinary adventure? Join us for the VeggieVibe Cook-Off Challenge, where five lucky contestants will face off in a live virtual cooking competition hosted by Chef Alicia. Each contestant will receive a mystery box of ingredients and have to create a delicious dish using whatever they have in their pantry. Chef Alicia will visit each contestant's home in person to check in. You can watch the action unfold and vote for your favorite dish. The winner will get two tickets to the Vito and Vera Peace, Love and Plants Dinner, a fundraiser for Sunset Farms Sanctuary in Cove Arkansas. Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness some amazing cooking skills and support a great cause. Sign up now and get ready for the VeggieVibe Cook-Off Challenge! Contestants sign up and we will connect on next details Viewers sigh up to watch this exciting event! We will email you a zoom link.

1/25/24 Virtual Cooking contest

VeggieVibe Cook-Off Challenge

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