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Resource List for all things Vegan in Central Arkansas


Why Vegan?.. Please watch Dominion

Vegan Dinner Club – Little Rock  – a group that focuses on featuring restaurants in and around central AR and encouraging more restaurants to accommodate the vegan lifestyle. A place where members can inquire about what vegan options a restaurant may have and share events to local pop-ups and health forums.


Vegan Dinner Club – Recipe Share – a spin-off of the main dinner club group where members can share vegan recipes. All types of vegan dishes are welcome, whether it’s oil-free, soy-free, gluten-free... or not.


Little Rock Vegan Shopper – a group to share and research any and all vegan products in grocery stores in Little Rock. A great place to find sale items and hard-to-find foods. **There are groups for other towns outside of LR, such as ConwayRussellville and Hot Springs 


Animal Rights Activism

AV: Little Rock, AR – Little Rock’s chapter for Anonymous for the Voiceless. Join the volunteer group if you are interested in dedicating time to street activism.

Arkansans for a Peaceful Coexistence - Facebook group focusing on Animal Rights issues in Central Arkansas. 

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